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Sep 26, 2010 2:00am EDT
issues is well known and well regarded. i am happy that stephen colbert has joined that region of celebrities who will use their media position to benefit others. as you can see from mr. colbert's written testimony, he has taken the time to walk in issues of migrant farmworkers, and he urges reforms of our immigration laws. i am happy that the united farmworkers introduce me to mr. colbert, who i had not met before, so we could spend a day on a farm together. his actions are a good example of how using both levity and fame, a media figure can bring attention to a critically important issue for the good of the nation. i appreciate all of our witnesses' efforts to be with us today and their leadership in this area, and i hope that together we can find solutions to these pressing problems. i would now recognize our distinguished ranking member, stephen king, for his opening statements. >> i appreciate being recognized, and i am wondering how the eskimos got along for all those centuries without fresh fruit and vegetables if it is a national security issue. i would like to focus my
Sep 5, 2010 2:00am EDT
at university. he has a distinguished record. his most recent book, "partisan politics." to his left is stephen s. smith. he is the director of the center on government and public policy. he has co-authored several books. i should note of that among the many awards and activities, both dr. smith and dr. mayhew our fellows. second from my left is brian darling who is the director of senate relations at the heritage foundation where he educates senators and their staffs about their where this policy recommendations. mr. darling has also appeared on abc news, cnn, fox and msnbc. he recently served as counsel to senator bob smith. to my immediate left is a columnist for newsweek and the washington post and a contributor to msnbc. thank you all for coming. we will start with a question for each of the panelists, beginning with ezra. first question, the 111th congress has passed several landmark bills including health care reform and financial regulation reform. even though the process was not beautiful or clean, in the end, congress did do something. has senate obstruction really have much influence
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2